Indigo Crane Vintage Furisode Kimono Silk Handbag
  • Fabric – Exterior fabric is imported vintage Furisode Kimono silk. There are no duplicates. Interior lining is made from matching silk.
  • Colour and motifs – Indigo (AIIRO) base. Motifs features beautiful silver gold foiled cranes. In Japan, Crane is a symbol for good luck, to have something long lasting and peace. It is most popular to be used as gifts as celebrations. For instance, at elderly’s birthday Crane means wishing the person long life. At weddings Crane means long lasting marriage.
  • Frame – Gold frame with kisslock top. Handle is removable and can be hidden inside the bag.
  • Size – Top frame is 20cm. Overall bag about 27x15x8cm.
  • Includes cotton storage bag.
  • Each piece is slightly different, none are identical. Each is made from the same fabric but depending on the cut of the fabric, there will be slight difference. For example, the motifs may position higher or lower on each bag.
  • Details about Furisode Kimono: Furisode kimono is a formal kimono with long length of sleeves. It is the most gorgeous kimono. Furisode are mainly worn for major social functions such as wedding ceremonies or tea ceremonies until they get married. Many parents buy the Furisode for their daughters to celebrate this significant point in a young woman’s life. Furisode is a formal kimono for single women, it is brightly colored and made of very fine quality silk. In the very modest Japanese society wearing a Furisode kimono is a very obvious statement. It is a very loud and clear advertisement that the single woman is available for marriage. One of the major points of difference with the furisode kimono are the long sleeves. The sleeves go right to the ground. The second Monday in January is a public holiday called ‘Adult Day’ and many young women attend a ceremony wearing their Furisode kimono. It’s worn by young and unmarried women on formal parties or ceremonies, like marriage ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies or graduation ceremonies. It’s worn with luxurious Obi that has plenty of gold and silver thread. And the Obi is tied very intricate and deluxe.


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Product Description

Care Label

  • Wipe with slightly damped cloth.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Flat dry.
  • Silk setting iron.

Additional Information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 15 cm

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